Working together to improve healthcare logistics

Two digital transformation companies have joined forces to solve the challenges related to the healthcare sector’s workload and logistics issues. The background for this is the healthcare sector’s genuine need for ICT solutions that improve productivity as they struggle with social security reform, the carrying capacity of healthcare services and labor shortages. According to research, healthcare personnel spend 5.5% to 15% of their working time on logistics.

The joint solution portfolio was created by OneClinic Oy, which specializes in the enterprise resource planning in the health and social services sector, and Leanware Oy, an expert and software company in the field of internal logistics and supply chain and production digitalization. In the concept, modern information systems optimize work processes and control material flows, which not only improves the meaningfulness of work, but also increases patient safety and work productivity.

The meaningfulness of work increases as the work management improves and unnecessary work and the sense of urgency decreases. Patient safety improves as the time professionals spend on care work increases and intelligent control and identification technologies ensure the availability and distribution of medicines and medical supplies to the right departments at the right time. The healthcare service providers’ goal of enhancing performance is created by increasing wellbeing at work, improving cost efficiency and reducing turnover.

OneClinic and Leanware are currently implementing their concept in Siun sote’s pioneering ICT project ( The joint municipal authority for North Karelia social and health services aims to improve the services customers receive, develop the order-delivery chain and inventory management, predictability, and better reporting and integration capability with other systems. Concretely, the effects can be seen, for example, as the speeding up of ordering, procurement and logistics of care supplies. Streamlining of work and reduction of running from one place to another are other examples we can provide.

OneClinic’s industry knowledge and software expertise from the health and social services sector, combined with Leanware’s more than 20 years of experience in the best practices of purchasing, logistics and production, as well as related ICT solutions, is a winning combination. With the experience of hundreds of customers in total, OneClinic’s CEO Veli-Matti Pietilä and Leanware’s CEO Ville Keskinen summarize that “As the value of work increases, the ability to operate and the competitiveness of operations increase”. “It also attracts the right people to the job,” adds Keskinen.

Several organizations utilize OneClinic’s solutions. Here are some examples: Basic Health Care District of Kallio and Eksote (, Pihlajalinna (, Pohjola Hospital ( and Terveystalo ( Leanware’s solutions are used by numerous pioneers in the private sector as well as by Siun sote and Tuomi Logistiikka (

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