Pohjola Hospital has implemented OneClinic Logistics

OneClinic Logistics keeps storage and orders organised

Pohjola Hospital is a private hospital specialising in orthopaedic day surgery situated both in Helsinki, in Tampere and in Oulu. The hospital is owned by the insurance company OP Vakuutus Oy. As of the first half of 2014, the hospital has been using the OneClinic Logistics developed by OneClinic Oy for managing its orders and chain of supply as well as its storage. The system includes a large number of various pieces of equipment, devices and some medications.

Clinical nurse specialist Sari Terho is responsible for the operating theatre teams as well as for the recovery room and equipment maintenance in Helsinki. She says that OneClinic Logistics clearly speeds up the ordering process and saves the staff time. At the same time, the system helps to ensure that there is always a sufficient amount of everything that the hospital needs.

”OneClinic Logistics is a great system and it works well. Of course, its implementation requires a bit of groundwork,” she said.

At Pohjola Hospital, the following items are included in the OneClinic Logistics: products typically used during surgeries and other procedures – various single-use devices, sterile covers, suction pumps and hoses, bandaging equipment, suture materials and many other things. According to Mrs. Sari Terho, OneClinic Logistics already covers several hundred different products at this hospital. There are around thirty suppliers for all of these items.

”OneClinic Logistics has helped the work of nurses…”

OneClinic Logistics operating principle is simple. When the product is taken into use from the storage, the information is recorded in the system. This takes place effortlessly with the help of small mobile devices. These devices are used simply to read the product’s barcode, thereby checking the product out from the storage. That is how the information about the stock availability is always up to date. In sterile storage, there are two devices available. There is also a separate device for medications.

In OneClinic Logistics, products also have separately specified balance limits. The system will automatically order more products if the balance limit is reached. In case of particularly expensive products, such as implants to be inserted into patients, orders are made, for example, in certain intervals or as needed. When the products arrive from the suppliers, they are recorded as having arrived at the warehouse.

”OneClinic Logistics has helped the work of nurses, because nothing has to be written down in separate notebooks anymore. There are six system administrators, but all of the people who get products from the storage use mobile devices,” Terho described.

The system administrators maintain the system; for example, they can add products to it and specify balance limits.

CEO of OneClinic Oy, Veli-Matti Pietilä, is very pleased with the collaboration with Pohjola Hospital.

”Pohjola Hospital is a pioneer in healthcare. The desire to do things in a new way is evident in all of their operations. OneClinic, in turn, represents a new way of thinking in healthcare logistics and the use of information. This is definitely one of the reasons why Pohjola Hospital chose us as their partner,” he stated.

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