OneClinic Logistics

OneClinic Logistics

OneClinic Logistics helps healthcare professionals by making the supply chain and inventory management of medicines, care supplies and other materials more efficient.

Saves time and money

Managing logistics of medicines and care supplies takes a lot of time and attention. OneClinic Logistics helps ensure that all necessary supplies are always available at the right time in the right place. The system also brings significant financial and time savings. It frees up care professionals’ time and automates routine work. The opportunity to focus on actual healthcare work increases patient safety.

Less errors, increased traceability

The system keeps track of stocks and consumption of medicines and materials. This frees up capital from the stock while the amount of errors and waste is reduced. The solution also improves the traceability of products.

OneClinic Logistics is easy to use on smart devices with DTE’s such as barcode readers. Entries for various events can be made conveniently alongside healthcare work and other activities.

System in wider use

OneClinic Logistics meets the requirements for the supply of medicinal substances by the Finnish Medicines Agency Fimea. It is widely used in the public and the private sector; in municipal associations, hospital districts, hospitals, medical centers, dental care and care units to name but a few. Often it replaces several overlapping systems.

OneClinic – Mobile compatible

OneClinic Logistics features:

  • Designed for the management of care materials, special supplies and medicines.
  • Numerous special features of medicine supply (basic medicine catalog management, national medicines verification, compulsory storage, etc.).
  • Several stock management and ordering models for a great variety of materials.
  • Compatible with a great number of mobile devices. Practically all the routine tasks with DTE can be done with a smart device (e.g. balance adjustments and drug verification).
  • Wide utilisation of barcodes.
  • Extensive parameterization options for optimization and automation.
  • Suitable for the management of central, unit or daily stock.
  • A system for exchanging and selling of goods to minimise waste.
  • Monitoring system for batch numbers and expiry dates.

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