OneClinic Logistics to be used by all units of Pihlajalinna

Pihlajalinna will increase the efficiency of its medicine and care product logistics with the help of the OneClinic Logistics system. The implementation of the system is currently starting; it is, for instance, being integrated into the Pihlajalinna financial management system.

OneClinic Logistics is a system developed by OneClinic Oy. It is designed specifically for ordering, receiving and storing care supplies and medicines. Procurement Manager Henna Rantanen from Pihlajanlinna says that the goal of the company is to start utilizing OneClinic Logistics in their five largest units first.

“In stages, the system will be extended to cover all Pihlajalinna units, which depending on the calculation, means 60-100 units all across Finland”, she says.

The number of products and services covered by OneClinic Logistics will also be gradually increased in Pihlajalinna. Initially, the system covers various goods that are needed on a daily basis – later, products and services that are used and ordered less often are also transferred to it. Eventually the system will have up to tens of thousands of items.

According to Henna Rantanen, Pihlajalinna has high expectations for OneClinic Logistics. In practice, the majority of the company’s logistics for care products and medicines will be handled with it.

“We believe this will bring cost savings and streamline our processes. It is especially important that the new system frees up our employees’ resources for nursing when orders, warehousing and related documentation no longer need to be managed by hand,” she says.

Helps to meet the requirements of The Falsified Medicines Directive

Rantanen also reminds that OneClinic Logistics will help Pihlajanlinna meet the requirements of the EU Falsified Medicines Directive and the drug verification system that will be launched next year. The aim of these is to ensure drug safety so that the patient is sure to receive exactly the right medicine.

According to Veli-Matti Pietilä, CEO of OneClinic, the Pihlajalinna project is an important part of the company’s work to help Finnish healthcare improve its logistics.

“Private service providers in particular have noticed how much savings and benefits are achieved by comprehensive digitalization of the order-delivery process. Of course, the public sector has also started to distinguish itself here. At the same time the ideas of industrial engineering are gaining popularity in the industry”, he says.

In addition to rationalizating operations and improving patient safety, there is also a desire to collect more detailed information of the cost of performing treatment procedures – including material consumption. This is why systems like OneClinic Logistics are gaining traction.

Pihlajalinna is the largest domestically owned producer of social and health services. The company has more than 5,000 employees and is headquartered in Tampere.

Developed by the Finnish OneClinic Oy, One Clinic Logistics is widely used in both the private and public sectors – including in hospitals, medical centers, health centers, dental clinics, care units and hospital districts. The system belongs to the company’s product family, the other members of which are the care and sote process control system OneClinic Care, OneClinic 4C (Sote-ERP) and the overall system for electronic transactions OneClinic eGate.

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