OneClinic Logistics is a big help in the fight against corona

The corona pandemic has posed great challenges to healthcare logistics and revealed problems in logistics. Several healthcare units have solved these with the OneClinic Logistics system.

OneClinic Logistics enhances the order and supply chain of medicines and medical supplies, warehouse management and inventory. The larger the quantities of goods and the more distributed storage, the greater the advantages it offers.

According to Veli-Matti Pietilä, CEO of OneClinic, the logistical challenges caused by corona have progressed in three stages.

“The first phase was about protective equipment and the efficient distribution of said equipment to the right place. There was a need for this when there was a huge shortage of protective equipment,” he says.

Next, the focus shifted to the materials needed by the laboratories for corona testing, when the testing capacity was increased nationwide in a quick schedule.

“The third phase is related to vaccinations. Balancing vaccination appointments and available vaccine amounts has been particularly difficult. Usually, this has been done inefficiently by hand and using several different information systems. Traditionally, medical materials, appointment bookings and service production capacity are managed in different systems, and there have not been proper tools for comprehensive operational management,” explains Pietilä.

OneClinic Logistics has become the solution in all three phases. It has also made it easier to monitor the costs caused by the corona.

Among other things, the system tells you the number of available protective equipment and testing supplies, where and how much they are consumed, and which storage they are located in. This is a centralized way to get a big picture view of the organizational level, which tells us where the materials should be directed.

“Staff’s time is not spent on searching – they can focus on the patients. OneClinic Logistics has also enabled the establishment of special corona warehouses and streamlined the logistics of vaccine distribution,” says CEO Pietilä.

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