OneClinic improves the logistics of medical materials in Pohjola Sairaala Hospital in Oulu

Pohjola Sairaala Hospital in Oulu, Finland, utilises the OneClinic Logistics system for ordering and receiving medical materials, as well as stock-keeping. OneClinic Logistics is already used in Pohjola Sairaala Hospitals in Helsinki, Tampere and Kuopio – Turku will follow as soon as the hospital is ready. The new Pohjola Sairaala Hospital was inaugurated in Hiironen, Oulu, in May 2017.

OneClinic Logistics is a system developed by OneClinic Ltd. It is particularly designed to improve the logistics and material management of the healthcare sector.

Two main administrators use OneClinic logistics at the Pohjola Sairaala Hospital in Oulu. One of them is nurse Susanna Salokannel. She says that OneClinic Logistics works well and is useful.

“It is easier and faster to order medical materials”

“OneClinic Logistics makes ordering medical materials significantly easier and faster. It also helps to ensure that we have a sufficient supply of medical materials at all times. Of course, it was quite a lot of work to register all the products we use in the system,” she says.

OneClinic Logistics covers several hundred different medical materials. The system has two main administrators and five users, who can use the system to order materials, at Pohjola Sairaala Hospital in Oulu.

The operating principle of OneClinic Logistics is straightforward: as soon as a product arrives to the stock, it is registered in the system by reading the bar code with a small mobile device. As soon as the product is used and leaves the stock, the bar code is read again.

Susanna Salokannel says that OneClinic Logistics has specifically set lower limits for most products in stock. As soon as the lower limit is reached, the system automatically orders more products via email.

“We approve the automatically generated order before it is sent to the supplier. At least for now,” she says.

Ms Salokannel can also check the stocks of other Pohjola Sairaala Hospitals using OneClinic Logistics.

Pohjola Sairaala Hospital in Oulu offers a wide range of services in basic healthcare and specialised medical care. One of the specialties of the hospital is orthopaedics and traumatology, with hand surgery as an important focal point. The service range will soon be extended to cover occupational healthcare, too. In addition to medical services, Pohjola Sairaala Hospital in Oulu houses a laboratory and a versatile imaging department.

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