Corona brought challenges to logistics – OneClinic Logistics as the solution

South Karelia Social and Health Care District (Eksote) and the basic service municipal consortium Kallio use OneClinic Logistics system to manage their healthcare logistics. The system enhances and streamlines the order-supply chain and simplifies inventory management. The coronavirus pandemic has further highlighted the importance of well-functioning logistics.

“During the corona pandemic, OneClinic Logistics has been a huge asset in handling our vaccine logistics,” praises Pia Honkala-Perttu, Kallio’s leading pharmacist.

Kallio started to fully utilize the OneClinic Logistics before the pandemic  in February 2020.

“We ended up choosing OneClinic Logistics, among other reasons, because we already had a drug certification feature that was part of the system, as required by the EU Falsified Medicines Directive. We had very good experiences with the certification function as well as working with OneClinic”, she says.

OneClinic Logistics currently covers Kallio’s pharmaceutical supply logistics, the central warehouse responsible for care supplies and the material warehouse for dental care. In addition, the system has been integrated into financial management and accounting.

The system has also helped Eksote – which has named it Martta – to meet the exceptional challenges posed by the coronavirus. Jussi Kaurala, Head of Logistics and Materials Management at Eksote, points out that corona has further emphasized the importance of inventory management, among other things.

“Consumption of various protective equipment has increased significantly. Martta has been very helpful in monitoring inventory levels. It has also helped to identify the costs caused by the corona. An additional feature of Martta is the management of mandatory reserve supplies”, he describes.

Martta has been used by Eksote since 2015. Last fall, the system was vigorously developed.


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