According to the results of the OneClinic customer satisfaction survey, the usability of the software is good and the level of services is high.

We conducted an extensive customer satisfaction survey in April 2022. 146 main or end users responded to the survey.

Thanks to everyone who answered the survey!

The purpose of the survey was to gather feedback concerning the usability of our software and the quality of our services.
Additionally, we gained many good ideas for development and improvement.
The survey results are used to improve the usability of our software and the quality of our services.
We will conduct similar surveys regularly in the future. These provide valuable feedback, which helps us to improve our operations.
Based on the survey, the customers rated the usability of the software and the functionality of the services as high.

” good and clear software.”

” Easy to use, good help for inventory management! “

” Convenient to use. “


” I would like to say thank you to the crew for the work! everything’s been handled nicely, comfortably, fast and professionally.”

” Big thanks to the customer service! I have received answers to all my problems from them. “

”I have always got an answer to my questions, and very fast. Communication is uncomplicated and good-natured. “

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