The municipality of Inari also acquired OneClinic Logistics system


OneClinic’s good reputation precedes it: the municipality of Inari was in a situation where support for the old system was expiring and they contacted us. The municipality of Inari used its old system to manage stocks of medicines and medical supplies.


Since the customer was in a hurry, the sales phase was handled quickly. The procurement contract was signed at the beginning of May right after the first contact. At the moment, the project is already in an advanced stage of implementation.

OneClinic Logistics will be put into use in mid-June.

“Since the project was in a hurry on the behalf of the customer, as an agile company we were able to commence the project fast.

For us, small customers are just as important as bigger ones”, commented Veli-Matti Pietilä, CEO of OneClinic.

“Our goal is to constantly improve the quality of our service and customer satisfaction. We just completed an extensive customer satisfaction survey, which tells us that satisfaction is currently at a high level.

But there is always room for improvement. Satisfaction is the end of improvement. That’s what they say”, says Pietilä.

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