OneClinic Logistics strengthens its position in Finland – also gaining international interest

The introduction of the EU Medicines Verification System in Finland has significantly increased business for OneClinic Oy, which operates in Oulu and Helsinki. The OneClinic Logistics solution developed by the company is intended for ordering, receiving and storing care supplies and medicines. Recently, the link provided by the solution to the European Union’s drug verification system has increased its popularity.

A significant number of Finnish healthcare providers have adopted OneClinic Logistics and used it to build the connection they need to the medicines verification system. OneClinic’s CEO Veli-Matti Pietilä says that the solution offered by the company is of interest not only in Finland but also internationally.

“During the spring we have examined the markets of Sweden, Denmark, Great-Britain, Germany, Spain and France”, he says.

The drug verification system, which was introduced in February, is based on an EU directive. Its purpose is to ensure the safety of medicines, to prevent counterfeit medicines from entering the legal supply chain and to ensure that the customer always receives the right medicine.

The verification system has required changes to the information systems of pharmacies, public and private healthcare hospital pharmacies and dispensaries, pharmaceutical wholesalers, pharmaceutical companies and parallel importers, among others.

OneClinic Logistics is a comprehensive solution that can take over the entire order-supply chain for pharmaceuticals and care products. Its functionalities and scope can be modified according to the wishes of the customers. Some customers use the system extensively in their medicines and care supplies logistics, some only in one of these and a few just to connect to the medicine verification system.

“Our solution reduces the number of errors, is user-friendly and easy to implement. It saves labor time and process costs and speeds up the turnover of inventories”, says CEO Veli-Matti Pietilä.

Private healthcare companies have been particularly interested in the OneClinic Logistics solution. The system is used to a slightly different extent in the units of Pihlajalinna, Terveystalo and Pohjola Hospital in different parts of Finland, among others.

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