OneClinic delivered the first logistics system to a future wellbeing services county – successfully!

Wellbeing services counties will not start their work until the beginning of next year, but Siun sote – joint municipal authority for North Karelia social and health services – is already practically one.

The Ilona-system that Siun sote has just started to use is the first logistics system for care supplies built for an entire wellbeing county. Ilona is based on the OneClinic Logistics system. It got its name after a name contest organized in Siun sote. OneClinic Oy with its partner Leanware Oy was responsible for the overall delivery to Siun sote.

Siun sote’s logistics manager Juha-Matti Ratilainen says that the first phase of the new system is now in use. The old system has been dismantled and all orders and deliveries of care supplies now go through Ilona. The system already has more than 4,000 users.

“The train is pulling in the right direction”, he praises.


Progress in phases

Not all system features are yet operational. Their turn will come in phases as the Ilona project progresses. According to Ratilainen, there are still four new smaller steps to come.

“Each one brings with it new functionalities, features, updates and processes. The new system will be fully ready at the end of 2022”, he says.

Healthcare IT projects have a bad reputation – most of the time they seem to fail in one way or another. But projects can also go well and lead to an excellent result. OneClinic with its customers and partners proves this time and time again.

The latest proof of this comes in the form of Siun sote’s Ilona.


Great effort

According to Juha-Matti Ratilainen, the project has gone very well, although the effort has been great for all parties involved. The project started at the turn of May-June 2021. In a relatively short time, the system has been put into operation. Similarly internal processes have been developed to support the new system. Of course, there have been challenges along the way, as well as during implementation, but solutions have been quickly found.

“Both suppliers – OneClinic and Leanware – have an active and flexible approach, which is needed in a project like this”, he says.

In turn, OneClinic CEO Veli-Matti Pietilä praises Siun sote’s professionalism and commitment.

“Additionally, thanks for the good end result goes to the experts of our partner Leanware. This was a challenging project consisting of many actors, where everyone worked seamlessly towards common goals”, Pietilä estimates.

Leanware‘s CEO Ville Keskinen believes that OneClinic and Leanware will be able to carry out more deliveries of similar nature when other wellbeing counties start acquiring new logistics systems.

“Often systems are already very old, inefficient and prone to errors. Health and social care logistics is an important growth area for us in the future. Together with OneClinic, we are a strong player in this segment”, explains Keskinen.


Additional information

OneClinic Oy
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Leanware Oy
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