The smoothest information management in the healthcare sector

OneClinic Care is the most efficient, advanced and extensive process management system for the healthcare sector. It makes information management easier and more agile than ever. The system ensures that its users have the possibility to focus on their patients and clinical processes that are important for the care of patients, in addition to which it helps them to perform various administrative duties in an efficient way

OneClinic Care: state-of-the-art technology from Finland and Denmark

OneClinic Care, originally developed in Denmark and modified for the Finnish operating environment by OneClinic Ltd, is a fully integrated third-generation system. It serves all the important functions of healthcare units and combines electronic health records (EHS), a patient administration system (PAS), a hospital information system (HIS), an enterprise resource planning system (ERP), electronic communication and a great number of administrative systems under one application.

All the features and properties of Microsoft Dynamics AX can be made a part of your OneClinic Care solution.


Resource planning for healthcare

OneClinic Care enables the management of clinical processes and care chains by using enterprise resource management methods. The system offers brand new tools for the management, development and analysis of effectiveness in the healthcare sector. In addition to its wide range of practical features, OneClinic Care is extremely easy to use.


Widely used

The OneClinic Care system is widely used in Denmark in public and private hospitals, clinics and healthcare clinics, for example. It can be scaled to meet the needs of operators of all sizes, from small units to major hospitals. The most extensive system installed so far processes the electronic patient records of more than 800,000 people. The system is also used in Finland by a great number of clients in the public and private sectors.