OneClinic 4C

OneClinic 4C brings ERP to the management of healthcare processes and care chains. It provides tools for information management, management, development and impact analysis of health services.

OneClinic 4C links client, product, financial and clinical data in real time. Thanks to automated routine tasks and data collection, care personnel save time entering, retrieving, and processing data. This allows healthcare professionals to focus on their clients.

Modern ERP

The system allows health care providers to have a modern ERP on top of their clinical processes. In healthcare, operations and production control and financial management typically take place in a decentralized manner in several different systems. OneClinic 4C solution allows the customer to continue using the current patient record system as before. However, all ERP and service process management can be centralized in a single ERP-based system that also handles financial management.

Easy to customize

OneClinic 4C and its user interfaces are easily customizable to meet various needs; and even to various medical specialities without changes to software. It also allows for the modelling of various care chains.

OneClinic 4C is an excellent tool for improving the competitiveness of social and healthcare service providers. Utilizing a single ERP platform makes the everyday work of physicians, nurses and other care professionals more efficient and facilitates interaction with clients.

Based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform

The OneClinic 4C Sote ERP solution is based on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 business platform. All healthcare service production partitions work seamlessly with other D365 ERP platform functionalities. For instance, appointment bookings and calendars are directly connected to D365 production control.

Finnish-Danish state-of-the-art technology

OneClinic 4C was originally developed in Denmark. It has been adapted to the Finnish healthcare environment by OneClinic Oy. The solution is widely used in Denmark – in public and private hospitals, clinics and health centers, among others.

OneClinic 4C features:

  • Production planning and control: Calendars and reservations, planning and allocating resources to care activities, etc.
  • Customer master data management from a healthcare POV – including clinical data as part of and connection to CRM (either D365 or another CRM).
  • Management of care chains and productization of services: Service products and packages, modeling of care periods and chains, price lists and contracts.
  • Operational financial management: Invoicing, revenue flow management and physician payment distribution controlled by productization and contracts. Internal cost and profitability calculation as well as sales ledger and accounting based on D365.

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